GQ: How to Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning Yourself Into the Michelin Man

After December's endless buffet of big dinners, just as many desserts and an endless supply of heavy cocktails, the last thing you need is to add pounds to your midsection by way of too many thick winter layers. And anyway, the Michelin Man look (see: all things puffer, all worn together) is cool for sledding on a Sunday afternoon, but the Monday morning meeting? Not so much. To that end, here are a few helpful reminders of how to stay warm without adding unnecessary bulk to your look in the process. Follow these six-steps and you won't have to rush home after work every night for fear of freezing to death. You can even make snow angels.

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Go With the Pros

Buy clothes from brands who make real-deal outdoor gear, from old school favorites like Carhartt and Wolverine to higher end labels like Aether and Aztech Mountain. They’ve got technology and durability built into their designs so you don’t have to think so hard about what you’re putting on.

By: Megan Gustashaw