ROFO Treasure Hunt. Get yourself some Aztech!

Hey Aspen!  We’ve got something for you, and yes there’s treasure involved. It’s a treasure hunt! Get ready Aspen, July 2 the hunt is on. A huge thank you to Aspen TrailFinder.

Here’s how it’s going down. Friday, July 1 at noon Aspen TrailFinder will reveal 5 links to places in Aspen where there’s hidden treasure. Like Hidden Treasure Trail – Well, that one seems a bit too obvious. But here's what you’ll be looking for:

Inside, you guessed it, treasure! We are giving out this summer’s best shorts, polos, jackets and vests to those lucky treasure finders. So make sure you watch our social channels on Saturday, July 2 because we are going to post the 5 exact coordinates of where the treasures are hidden.

The hunt is on July 2!  Happy Hunting!