Surfing and a Seaplane

It's Friday afternoon in NYC and we are dreaming of some sand, ocean, cocktails and waves (maybe not necessarily in that order).  We're keen on taking a surfing seaplane safari this summer.  Check out Seaplane TropicSurf in the Maldives:

The sea plane allows you to check and access surf spots over several hundreds of miles. Is the wind changing? No problem - there is always a more protected surf spot somewhere else. You can fly from the east to the west coast in just a few minutes, while a boat would take several hours. Check it from above and if you like it let your pilot drop you off at your private wave.
The sea plane excursion is awesome in combination with your resort stay. Just let us know where you are and what time you want to be picked up. Our knowledgeable surf guides and pilots will make sure they organize an unforgettable day for you.
We will do an in depth swell forecast analysis for you. In combination with an assessment of your skill level, we determine which surf breaks to set course for. Closer to the breaks we will lower the altitude for closer inspection. And if the waves are good, we will land as close to the line up as possible where it is only a short paddle to your own private surfing paradise. The sea plane will wait for you and will stay anchored nearby.
Your choice of breaks is just endless and the quality of this trip is second to none. Make a dream come true!

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