The Trails Less Traveled

The 2015-16 ski season has (finally) come to a close, and summer is slowly reaching higher up the mountains.  Our favorite local guide Preston of Aspen Trailfinder is out there pounding the single track and will be sharing his thoughts with Aztech Mountain all summer long.  So whether you are just visiting the Roaring Fork Valley or even a seasoned local who is looking for some variety in their repetoir Aspen Trail Finder is your go to spot for hiking, biking and running through the beautiful valley.

First up Aspen Trailfinder takes you on 3 lesser traveled trails on Aspen Mountain that are a summer must do.


Hidden Treasure Trail

The real hidden thing about this trail is where to pick it up, the treasure is clearly the view. From the top of the Silver Queen Gondola, head down Aspen Mountain underneath the gondola toward the ski patrol shack. There are typically small signs to lead you left heading underneath the AJAX Express chairlift. Just around the corner you’ll come to Peanut Butter Ridge, a beautiful spot for a picnic and to take in the views. The Hidden Treasure Trail winds you through the aspen trees high above the Castle Creek Valley before popping back out at Midnight Mine Road where you can head back up to the top of Aspen Mountain. 

East Rim Trail

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.18.58 AM.png

The East Rim Trail is a great adventure wrapping around Aspen Mountain’s east edge. There’s a short loop, but the bigger loop is where the real sights are. The trail wraps around the east side of Aspen Mountain with stunning views of Independence Pass and the North Star Nature Preserve. The paragliding launch off Walsh’s Ski Run is definitely the viewing highlight.

Ute Trail

Headed up Gentleman's feels a lot steeper in the summer!

Headed up Gentleman's feels a lot steeper in the summer!

The Ute Trail is famous for being a tough 1 mile climb gaining 1,000 feet to the popular Ute Rock Overlook. However, few hikers continue on and take the Ute Trail to the top of Aspen Mountain. Traveling through the forest and past green grass ski runs, this route gives you a whole new appreciation for skiing downhill. Don’t worry, your reward for the tough climb to the top is riding the gondola back down to town.

Find these trails and many more hiking, biking, and running trails around Aspen at  After all...who doesn't want to find this kind of view!