Northstar Embroidered Tee

$125.00 USD

Northstar Embroidered Tee

$125.00 USD
We've added some Aztech flavor to create your new go-to essential tee. Embroidered doodles that include pink palms, green topo-Aspen leafs, black back-scratching skiers and our signature "see you on the slopes!" slogan fit any occasion. Choose the one that matches your style, or stock up with all four and push back laundry duties a couple days.
One of each please!
    • Emboridered Doodle
    • 100% Cotton
    • logo detail on back of shoulder
  • Aztech Size Guide
  • There is nothing more upsetting to us than when you buy something really nice and it breaks after only a few times.  There is no excuse for this.  Aztech Mountain is committed to delivering to you exceptional product that is made to last.  If it breaks, wears out, busts opens contact us and we will work with you to get it fixed.  We promise. 

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