Maintaining Moisturized Skin in the Mountains

Maintaining Moisturized Skin in the Mountains

By Brooke Danielson
There are many beauty variables on the mountain to consider that challenge even the most advanced of skiers. Whatever the experience level, dry skin, chapped lips and sun exposure are all a guarantee at some point throughout the season.
Clé de Peau’s Arielle Trop suggests the following three tips on holding onto that moisture and maintaining one’s glow:

Stay Moisturized

“Use something oil rather than water-based. This is especially important when temperatures are low or close to freezing. (Oil doesn’t freeze but water does!)”


“The reflection from the sun on snow amplifies its strength and is harsher than one might think. Even on cloudy days, the amount of UV exposure can be brutal. When it’s cold and doesn’t feel all that sunny, it’s easy to forget how important SPF can be.”
See You On The Slopes!