Founded in 2013 by David Roth and Heifara Rutgers, Aztech Mountain is a performance sportswear company that is rooted in skiing.  We believe in the power of uncomplicated and purposeful design. Our clothes are always distinguished by the unexpected to keep you feeling exceptional in every environment.  Inspired by a lifetime of pursuing alpine activities, our refined cuts and effortless fits advance comfort and serve your utilitarian needs.  Aztech Mountain specializes in creating cross-functional, technically appointed clothing that is adventure ready, not fussy and always informed by the style of the globally active man.
Olympic gold medalist and two-time overall all alpine World Cup champion Bode Miller joined the Aztech Mountain team in September 2016. In addition to holding an equity stake in the company, Miller is Chief Innovation Officer. Bode Miller is considered the greatest American male alpine ski racer in history having won six olympic medals, including gold in 2010, as well as 33 individual FIS world cup races across all five disciplines. Bode who is known for his go fast, be good, have fun attitude on and off the mountain is often characterized by his unconventional approach to training and skiing in his pursuit of success.

Aspen, Co

Originally a booming (and busting) mining town, it was not until the 1930’s when Walter Paepcke had the vision to turn Aspen and her mountains into a ski town of legendary proportions.  Aspen has served as the backbone to a community of those who seek the ultimate in cultural, physical and spiritual adventures of all kinds. Kindred spirits - ski gangs, artists, movie stars, regular Joe's - added to Aspen's colorful and dynamic heritage.  Born and raised in Aspen, we are proud to call this magical place our home.  We celebrate those Aspenites who came long before us and we thank them for teaching us the importance of celebrating life with family and friends.


Our Promise

There is nothing more upsetting to us than when you buy something really nice and it breaks after only a few times.  There is no excuse for this.  Aztech Mountain is committed to delivering to you exceptional product that is made to last.  If it breaks, wears out, busts opens contact us and we will work with you to get it fixed.  We promise. 

Giving Back

Aztech Mountain is a proud supporter of the US Ski Team, Aspen Historical Society and Turtle Ridge Foundation. Whether we are helping send young racers to participate in national/international competitions or raising money to improve the Historical Society’s archives of Aspen’s rich history, Aztech Mountain is committed to paying it forward each year.