The Art of Layering and Staying Comfortable

Layer Up!

By Brooke Danielson

Base layers are your first line of defense in the delicate dance that is dressing for mercurial weather in the mountains. There are several factors to consider when getting ready for the ski day: high winds, precipitation, wild temperature swings and balancing physical exertion with chilly chair rides. Whatever the scenario, the base layer will help act as your body’s thermostat throughout the day. This is how I like to layer for an especially cold day…

Dressing for Mercurial Weather

Matterhorn Solid Turtleneck

Start with a slim, next-to-skin layer made from a technical fabric (never cotton) to wick away sweat. Then, add a turtleneck sweater for warmth. The Matterhorn Turtleneck Sweater is made from 100% Italian Merino wool—one of nature’s most versatile insulators.

Loge Peak Ski Shirt

For another layer of warmth, I add a Loge Peak Ski Shirt in a complimentary color. The collar flips up and magnetic snap buttons secure it for extra wind protection.

Photos by Tony Prikryl for Aztech Mountain

See You On The Slopes!