Après-Ski Nutrition to Help You Relax and Recover

Recovery Remedies

By Brooke Danielson

From chill days to more challenging days on the slopes one thing I know for sure is my appetite remains intact. Our bodies are not only burning calories while we ski but also burning calories in the cold at higher altitudes, hence why you may feel a tinge hungrier than normal! I turned to my friend Janine Higbie, functional nutritionist and founder of JH Wellness, for some après-ski nutrition tips that are sure to have us in speedy recovery and ready for another day of groomers, moguls and fun.


“Our bodies lose more water in higher altitudes through increased breathing rate and perspiration.  Combine this with intense physical activity and you are at risk for dehydration.  Plain water is usually best but unsweetened coconut water is an electrolyte-packed alternative to sugar-laden sports drinks.”


“Protein is critical for muscle repair and recovery.  I recommend a combination snack of clean protein and quality carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your final run.”


“Carbohydrates are essential for replacing depleted glycogen stores.  A banana or apple with nut butter is an easy, on-the-go snack with a balance of protein and carbohydrates.”

Photo by Hans Feurer for Elle Magazine c. 1971 via Pinterest

See You On The Slopes!