The Ultimate Helmet & Goggle Guide

The Ultimate Helmet & Goggle Guide

By Brooke Danielson

The most important accessories (other than gloves, see our glove guide here) are your helmet and goggles. These required elements are vital for on-mountain safety and are also a place in which you can express your personality along with your ski kit. While mixing and matching colors can be fun, the most important feature is safety performance for varying types of skiing. When approaching your ski and goggle combination keep in mind what mode you’ll be using them for. Racing through the gates? Cruising on the resort? Skinning to a hut? Here are three set-ups picked by Team Aztech for performance, design and quality. 

 For Cruising

Ooo La La!

For Racing

For Alpine Touring/Skinning

Did you know POC stands for "Piece of Cake"?

Obex BC SPIN Helmet
Fovea Mid Clarity Goggle
See You On The Slopes!