Yoga Moves for Pre-and Post-ski

Yoga Moves for Pre-and Post-ski

By Brooke Danielson

Finding a moment of Zen can be challenging but trust me when I say it’s worth the time and effort to do so, particularly before a full day of skiing. The objective is to get centred, stretch and prepare your muscles for strenuous activity. Practicing yoga may also help with your focus and ability to be more present in the moment on and off-piste.


Aim to make these more dynamic (you want to have movement since your muscles aren't warm yet).

Warrior 2

Bonnie's Fleece

Chair Pose + Twisted Prayer

Low Lunge

Great to start in down dog and move into this pose.


These should be more static. Hold for as long as it feels good, but at least one minute on each side.

Downward Dog

Tree Pose

Crescent Lunge

Photographed at O2 Aspen by Tony Prikryl for Aztech Mountain