At Any Elevation

September 1, 2020

Eight years ago, Aztech Mountain was launched with one mission in mind: to create purposeful, cutting-edge garments that truly add value to your life and inspire adventure AT ANY ELEVATION. With the early March closure of ski resorts across the globe our mission was significantly impacted. As a team we made quick decisions in order to navigate the changing landscape – securing on time deliveries for this fall’s collection, reaffirming our strategic partnerships with those who supported us from day one and laboriously pouring over how to bring you a collection that will have you looking chic on the streets of New York or feeling secure on the summit of Aspen Mountain.

Today, we launch our Fall 2020 collection with open eyes, tempered anticipation of what’s to come, and an unwavering passion to deliver to you the world’s finest outerwear and sportswear that is stronger than ever. As it was eight years ago, Aztech Mountain’s mission is still to produce clothing that you are excited to wear regardless if you are at home or (safely) on the road: a ski trip to Aspen, dinner in Tribeca, even business in Paris. Whether you’re braving this coming winter at sea-level or heading high into the Rocky Mountains reaching peaks over 12,000 feet, we have you covered.

The Fall 2020 collection builds on the success and innovation of our Nuke family of outerwear, all made with thermo-welded down channels that are the signature of our range. For both men's and women's, a new assortment of super light styles with voluminous insulation brings our Nuke innovation to new proportions and coziness. The women's cropped Panda Puffer is a favorite, with its dramatic puffy channels and fresh, cropped proportion. And this season we have added the new functionalities of a long parka for beating the city chill, as well as vests, insulated shirts and oversized unisex fleeces with bold nylon contrast details and adjustable waists for layering, regardless if you are in Aspen or New York.

A bold red and royal blue punctuate the collection's sporty side. A shock of fluorescent pink and orange energize and detail the collection, while increasing safety through visibility on the slopes.  But most importantly a sharp palette of black, navy, khaki, and beige serves as the foundation of the collection, chic for the city and at any elevation.

The entire team at Aztech Mountain is proud to present our Fall 2020 collection. While there is some uncertainty of what this season may bring, one sure thing is our appreciation of your continued support of our mission.