Bode's Bucket List

It’s hard to imagine a hill in the world Bode Miller hasn’t skied. After circling the globe as a World Cup Ski Racer, he’s carved up some of the best terrain on each continent. So, for the guy who’s been everywhere, where do you go for that new new?

As a family man and co-owner of Aztech Mountain, Bode still travels constantly, but with a different purpose—with his family in tow, sometimes it’s even for fun. Here, we asked Bode about his ski travel these days, and what’s left on his bucket list.  

Members of Team Aztech in Portillo, Chile

Tell us about a few of your all-time favorite ski trips:

Caldera House, Jackson Hole – Winter 2018/19 – The Caldera House in Jackson Hole Teton Village provides beautiful accommodations with immediate access to a world-class ski shop and the amazing terrain that Jackson Hole offers. The hotel has incredible amenities, world-class finishes, top-notch customer service, all while maintaining a very relaxed vibe.

Yellowstone Club, Montana – Winter 2013/14 – One of my first experiences at the private ski club and it didn’t disappoint. We had endless deep, untracked powder and I was blown away by sharing the slopes and the club with its mythic clientele such as James Cameron and Linda Gates.

Portillo, Chile– Summer 2004 – We had perfect snow conditions and I was skiing the best I ever had! I was there for a training camp coming into my best season ever where I ended up winning the overall World Cup title. The trip was filled with double training sessions. I was young and fired up!

What about hotels, which are the best?

Hotel Das Central in Soelden, Austria – The buffet is insane, both at breakfast and dinner. The massive spa is out of this world and has everything you need after a full day on the slopes, whether you’re racing the World Cup or simply skiing with your friends and family.

Hotel Garni La Roccia in Paganella, IT – A great family hotel with classic Italian hospitality. The staff and overall atmosphere made my wife, kids and I feel like we were part of the family and the food was off the charts.

What’s a dream destination you still haven’t visited?

Hokkaido, Japan is on the top of the list. I need to get over there and experience the deep powder skiing that has become a top bucket-list destination for skiers everywhere. 

Any tips for packing for a ski trip?

Carry your boots on the flight! The quality of the stuff you bring really matters. You want to have a few items that will cover you regardless of how the weather and snow conditions change, so be thoughtful.

My favorite universal mid-layer is the Sopris Quilted Shirt we make at Aztech Mountain. The wool shirt is insulated in the front with a breathable knit back. It looks sharp on its own and prevents you from overheating on the move.

What’s in your bag?

  1. Aztech Mountain Sopris Quilted Shirt
  2. Aztech Mountain Nuke Suit Jacket
  3. Bomber Gunpowder – Emmy Special Edition – that my wife made me (for ski trips)
  4. Full-Tilt Dropkick Ski Boot
  5. Xbionic Long Underwear
  6. Norelco Beard Trimmer
  7. Quip Toothbrush
  8. Altra Trail Runners – zero drop, great traction, water-proof
  9. Vuarnet Glacier XL Sunglasses
  10. Passport – since you never know where things will take you

See You On The Slopes!