What's In A Name?


We’re very proud of our Aspen heritage. If you’re lucky enough to spend some time in our hometown, you’ve probably recognized that the vast majority of our products are named after iconic landmarks around town and the greater Roaring Fork Valley.  Our Capitol Peak technical ski jacket is named for the 14,000 foot peak right in our backyard. Our favorite flannels are named for Loge Peak, the top of Aspen Highlands Ski Resort and our down-filled Shadow Mountain Bomber jacket is named for the western edge of Aspen Mountain.


Photo Credit: Aspen Historical Society, Lindner Collection
While traveling the world visiting our retail partners, meeting our customers and sneaking in a bit of skiing whenever possible, we’re often asked, “why the name Aztech?”
Growing up in Aspen, we loved to watch racers in World Cup come tearing down the westside of Ajax (Aspen Mountain). The most technical and exciting section of the course was always a steep run named Aztec. We still share vivid memories of sitting atop a massive pile of hay bales and crash pads at the “airplane turn.” If a racer lost and edge and flew off the course while fighting massive g-forces here they would careen into the bottom of the crash pads, sometimes sending a group of cheering kids airborne!
From the bottom, Aztec has given us years of amazing spectating, but now we prefer to stand at the top, looking over town and cheering each other on as we make our way down one of the steepest runs on Aspen Mountain. We love this run so much we named our brand after it. And that “h”…well, we do make TECHnical apparel after all.