Olympic Gold Medalist and Two-Time Overall Alpine World Cup Champion Bode Miller partners with U.S.-based performance outerwear and apparel brand Aztech Mountain.

Bode discovered Aztech Mountain in 2015 while on a ski trip in Portillo, Chile. This started a conversation that ultimately led to an exciting partnership naming him Chief Innovation Officer and co-owner. Aztech Mountain is fortunate to leverage Bode’s years of experience at the highest levels of competitive ski racing to help drive the performance of the brand’s product design. 

“From the moment I was introduced to Aztech Mountain I knew it was world class,” said Miller. “I wanted to partner with a company that provides top level design and performance both on and off the mountain. The quality of the fabrics, construction of the jackets and pants and attention to detail at every level is impressive. The team we have at Aztech is dedicated to being the best in terms of quality and construction in order to improve the experience for the customer.”

Aztech Mountain’s cofounder Heifara Rutgers commented, “David and I had a crazy dream many years ago to create a performance outerwear brand that was made for discerning guys that work and live between places like Aspen and New York, who are gear, fitness and sports obsessed. We’re both serious skiers ourselves and to partner with an athlete of this caliber is a validation of our vision and our product. Having Bode on our team to bounce ideas off of — be our sounding board — pushes the envelope in terms of product development, it allows us to refine our designs and techniques. This partnership with Bode holds David, Aztech Mountain and myself to the highest standards for excellence – something that transcends directly to the consumer as the best possible product on the market.” 

Aztech Mountain offers refined garments for all seasons, available online at aztechmountain.com, and at fine retailers throughout the U.S. and internationally in Canada, the U.K., Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China and Hong Kong.