The Essential Packing List for a Successful Trip to the Mountains

Pack List

By Brooke Danielson

When it comes to packing for a ski trip there is careful thought and consideration that goes into the process, due to the amount of gear it requires. With that said, I’m already organized for the upcoming season with my favorite pieces from the Aztech Mountain Winter ’19-20 collection.

My packing tips: keep it as simple as possible and pack cross-functional pieces. Below is a check-list for a fail-proof pack!  

  1. Ski jacket: Nuke Suit in Cloud White Multi
  2. Ski pants: Team Aztech Pant in Space Black
  3. Super puffer: Elk Mountain Puffer in Sander Navy
  4. Day-to-après sweater: Matterhorn Striped Turtleneck Sweater
  5. Goggles + Helmet: Check out our guide!
  6. Thin, technical ski socks: Lorpen
  7. Wicking base layers: Smartwool Zip Turtleneck and The North Face long johns 
  8. Snow boots: Incredible Boot by Penelope Chilvers
  9. Gloves: We have a guide for that
  10. Beanie or warm hat: The Elder Statesman
  11. Sunglasses: Sporty wrap-around Oakley's
  12. Ski boots: You heard it here
  13. Unmentionables & toiletries 

    See You On The Slopes!